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HA & HB 3-hole oil viewing device is adevice used to observe whether the oil fluids within pipelines of the refueling machine (pure of contaminated pass through the hose and reach the oil gun. The 360ˇărotation property of oil viewing device prevents the hose from twist, reduces the abrasion and tensile stgrength on hose, and improves its service life.

main body:copper steel
indicating lens: toughened glass
sealing: fluorid rubber
HA20   BSP3/4" / NPT3/4" ˇÁ¦µ30mm
HA25   BSP 1"   / NPT 1" ˇÁ¦µ36mm
HB20   BSP3/4"  / NPT3/4"
HB25   BSP  1"   / NPT 1"
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