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W90 and W45 hose swivel installed between nozzle and hose can rotate in two planes,making oil filling more convenient and comfortable. They can reduce pulling,release tensile strength,prevent hose from twist,reduce unexpected abrasion,and extend the service life.

 Main body:Zinc and aluminum alloy
Sealing ring:fluorid rubber
W90             BSP3/4" / NPT3/4"               
W90             BSP 1"   / NPT 1"                
W45             BSP3/4" / NPT3/4"               
W45             BSP 1"   / NPT 1"     
 1.To facilitate the users: to enable users to fill oil for their vehicles
 from different directions flexibly.
2.Multi-plane: The gun,which ca rotate at 360ˇăin radial direction and
270ˇăin axial direction,can be used freely and flexibly.
3.Double-layer sealing: the dual sealing ring can extend the service
life of connectors
4.100% factory inspection.
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